Check Out Our 

4th of July

Lakeway Parade Float!

The Women's club float won the grand prize at the 4th of July parade. Susan Jerke, Marianna Jacobs, and their committee members worked hard to bring us this spectacular float depicting the theme Patriotism on Parade.

We would like to thank all the people who create the 4th of July Patriotism on Parade Women’s Club float. As a result of a wonderful group effort, the float won the Grand Prize. Jack Crownover, JW Rouse, John Dann, Ken Crosthwait, and Frank Cooley worked hard building the float. They spent many hours, some in 100 degree temperatures, hammering and sawing. Jack and Peg Crownover were gracious enough to let us decorate and disassemble the float in their driveway. John Dann created the beautiful eagle, and JW Rouse, among other things, built the device that made it rotate. We would also like to thank the women who showed up on Tuesday mornings to decorate the flags and glue individual sequins on the eagle. We appreciated all the people who worked hard on July 3 to do the final decorating, and Carole Dann and Ann McCann who came and helped disassemble the float afterwards. Our military people who rode on the float added the final patriotic element and we appreciated their participation. They were Robert Beasley, Rod Kelly, Dick Drury, and Becky Dupuy. It was a fun project that represented our Women’s Club and honored our military.

Marianna Jacobs and Susan Jerke, Co-Chairs