The Women's Club of Greater Lakeway is a 501(c)(7) organization. Our objective is to promote the social, cultural and intellectual growth of our members. For information, please contact any of our  Executive Committee members.

All Book Clubs and SIG Meetings too.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

~ All SIG meetings and events under the umbrella of Women’s Club are currently suspended due to the Coronavirus. Your chairs will contact you once activities are safe to resume ~


Effective March 16, 2020 all WCGL meetings and special events were cancelled through May 31, 2020. In addition, all SIGs under the auspices of the WCGL were cancelled through May 31, 2020.


The Executive Board will continue to evaluate local, state, Presidential Task Force and CDC guidelines as changes occur. Your Executive Board and SIG Chairs will notify you should there be updates related to WCGL events.


A personal thank you to each SIG Chair, Co-Chair, and their respective teams who went above and beyond to cancel multiple events. There were many events and venues that necessitated much detail and follow through.


Please look at our WCGL website under SIGs and you will see 23 SIGs listed.


Let me share a few of their thoughts to all of our membership:

• Book Clubs (and there are 8) suggested members keep reading and consider sharing books and critiques via technology.

• Hike and Bike encouraged members to get outside and experience the breathtaking Texas wildflowers.

• Galloping Gourmets will be ready to support restaurants as soon as venues can “rise again”.

• Ex Pats are keeping in touch with friends, family abroad via technology to support world solidarity.

• Garden Club urges members to start your plantings and enjoy the fresh air outside.

• Lakeway Investment Partners reminds us that investments are about the “ long haul” and riding the wave of a troubled market.

• Knitting & Stitchery encourages members to pick up that unfinished project that has been neglected…

• Dottie’s Follies encourages members to put on their dancing shoes, turn up the music and dance even if it is only a party of one.

• Dinner Club is curating recipes and wine pairings for the next scheduled gathering.

• Pursuing Poetry suggests reading poetry that has sustained the human spirit during troubled times.

Again, review our website for details on our SIGs. Soon we will gather again…meanwhile, remember… social distancing of six feet and handwashing for 20 seconds.

Women’s Club currently offers over 20 Special Interest Groups — affectionately called "SIGs" — where members can pursue hobbies or interests, develop their talents, go on day trips, or explore something they've always wanted to do. You must first become a member of WCGL to participate in a SIG.

SIG events and activities are posted on each SIG's individual page (see drop-down menu above, under the tab "SIG News," or click on the links below this box), as well as on the 

Book Club page.


To begin the process, contact me at 216-409-1110 or saniles4@gmail.

Shelia Niles, 2nd Vice President

Shelia Niles

2nd Vice President

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