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Our Membership + Directory

Registration begins on July 1, 2024  for the upcoming

Membership year of July 1, 2024 - May 31, 2025.


Membership is open to all women residents residing in Lakeway, The City of The Hills and the
Lakeway ETJ (Lakeway Extra Territorial Jurisdiction). Members who move outside these areas
and/or non-resident property owners may become associate members.
Membership year is June 1, 2023-May 31, 2024.

Dues are $50.


To join, please complete the form below and select submit.
Then, select the pay button below to complete the payment.

We meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month September - May.

We do not meet in December. Our General Brunch Meetings are held at The Hills
Country Club. There is a social/coffee gathering at 9:30 followed by our meeting and program at
10:00. Brunch is served before the program. Additional information, including the Brunch
Reservation form, can be found in the current Newsletter and on the Website.

In addition to our monthly General Meetings, we have more than 21 Special Interest Groups
(SIGS) in which members can participate, as well as Special Events throughout the year.
Membership chairman maintains a complete roster of each member’s information. Please
advise me when there are changes in your information (address, email, phone number, or
name) to ensure you receive our Newsletter, communications about special events, club news,
and SIG activities.

Please email any changes to:

Sara Scarberry, Membership

Sara S.png

Join the Club.


if a member does not want their email included in either the online or printed directory they need to contact the membership chairperson.

Be Inspired. Socialize. Connect.

Happy to Connect and Grateful for your Interest!
New Members
Membeship Form

new member mentoring program

The Mentor Program allows us the special privilege of introducing and helping new members navigate the many opportunities to get motivated and involved with the club.


There are many Special Interest Groups provided for your enjoyment and interesting speakers each month from September through April.


Our goal is to introduce you to over 400 women who enjoy the monthly activities and promote friendships.


Please refer to the current WCGL Newsletter for upcoming events. 


The Mentor Program has allowed us the privilege of introducing new members to our SIGs, our Executive Board, special events and activities and to each other. 


We hope we have helped you with new acquaintances and the information you need to become active and to enjoy the conviviality that our Club offers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Pam Filas + Lorraine Dantone

Pam Filas
Lorraine D.png
New Member Mentorship
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