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The Women's Club of Greater Lakeway officially began in the fall of l985 with a charter membership of fifty-one. The three founders were Carol Holt, Donna McCarver and Ruby Saunders. The fifty-one founding members felt that an organization to promote social, cultural, and intellectual growth would be enjoyed and appreciated by the women in Lakeway.


Meetings were first held at the Blue Caboose Restaurant at the intersection of Highways 71 and 620 and later at the Pecos Room of Lakeway Inn. In l987 the meeting place was moved to the Lakeway Village Hall. Numerous changes to meeting locations continued as Women’s Club grew in numbers. At the present time meetings are held at the Flintrock Falls Country Club Ballroom.

As Lakeway grew, so did the membership of the Women's Club. By 1996 - 1997 there were over 500 members. The number of interest groups more than doubled during those years to a total of over 20 at the present time and a membership that continues to be over 500. In the spring of 1995, the constitution was revised to change the name of the organization to The Women’s Club of Greater Lakeway.

Great Leadership

Our previous presidents


Kim Majkszak 2022-2023

Sheila Niles, 2021-2022

Nancy Bain, 2020-2021

Carole Dann, 2019-2020

Gloria Crosthwait 2018-2019

Susan Bryce 2017-2018

Donna Kumar 2016-2017

Sharon Gilmore 2015-2016

Kitty Lichty 2014-2015

Jane Benasutti 2013-2014*

Nancy Clayton 2012-2013

Maryleeann Bryan 2011-2012*

Jody Berry 2010-2011

Janet Eaddy 2009-2010

Julianne DeBower 2008-2009

Lana Brown 2007-2008

Gayle Laminack 2006-2007

Ann Neighbors 2005-2006

Pat Smith 2004-2005

Sue Ann Anderson 2003-2004

Joyce Champeny 2002-2003*

Glenda Foreman 2001-2002

Mary Ann Marquis 2000-2001

Pat Doucet 1999-2000*

Jean O'Neill 1998-1999*

Joann Anderson 1997-1998

Lanell Edwards 1996-1997*

Mary Louise McCarty 1995-1996

Jean Dula 1994-1995*

Georgia Speight 1993-1994

Lucille Grey-Butler 1992-1993*

Sue Henegar 1991-1992*

Ann Stover 1990-1991*

Jan Finneran 1989-1990*

Elmira Finken 1988-1989*

Dorothy Farmer 1987-1988*

Rella Mae Grimmalva 1986-1987*

Donna McCarver 1985-1986*


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